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Another excuse

31 Jan


Yesterday I had every intention of updating but I broke the mousepad (shattered it, really) on my Macbook. Don’t ask me how, it’s pretty embarassing. But it’s beyond repair so I had to order a new, wireless mouse so that I can access my computer (most importantly, my photos) again.

It’s scheduled for delivery tomorrow and tomorrow I promise to update. Wah.


Day 28

28 Jan

Day 28/Dadda:

You and your best friend.


Days 22 through 27

28 Jan

I’m short on words. It’s been a long week.

I think the only way I’m going to get through this project is if I start treating it as a priority and force myself to update at the end of every day until it becomes habit. Lately I’ve been slacking off and letting the days get away from me. I mean, I really love everything about this project (really!), but I feel like I’m making work out of it. Each day/photo requires a solid 30 minutes to upload/edit/write about it and, well, to multiply it by 4 or 5 or 6 days… that’s just a lot of time and energy and it begins to feel more like a chore than something that I elected to do, something that I want to enjoy doing. So I think that it’s definitely time to rethink my whole strategy.

Day 22/A social butterfly:

Mingling with the adults, you have something to say to everybody. 

Day 23/Oranges:

This week began your love/hate relationship with orange slices.
Yummy? Yes. 
Until you (repeatedly) accidently squirt yourself in the eyes.
My poor baby, you’re just starting to learn some of life’s cruel lessons.

Day 24/Making new friends:

Well, sort of.

Day 25/Knowing your name:

Day 26/A look about you:

Sometimes I get this look from you and I really wonder if you know something that I don’t.

Day 27/At the end of an exhausting day:

See you tomorrow.

Days 17 through 21

21 Jan

You know, I say I’m going to quit my habit of updating once every three days and what do I do? I wait five days. FIVE DAYS! This unfortunately could not be helped as the entire Lee household spent a solid three days fighting various illnesses and spent the last two house-hunting sooo… the whole “getting it together” thing has not really happened just yet.

Day 17/Like a little bird:

Day 18/Happiest girl:

At least one person a day tells me what a happy baby mine seems to be.
And it’s true, she’s just about the happiest baby I’ve ever known and I am just so, so lucky that she’s mine 🙂

Day 19/Sleepy eyes:

Her eyes when she hasn’t quite woken up yet. 

Day 20/What an angel looks like:

I went to great lengths to get this picture.. but I got it!
This is what happens when I realize at 9 o’clock at night that I forgot to take a picture that day.

Day 21/Upside-down:

Olive, you have the very best Dadda in the world. 



Days 14, 15 & 16

16 Jan

Welp, I did it again.. 3 days to a post. I blame party-planning and house-hunting equaling utter exhaustion at the end of the day and while I completely intended on posting the weekend’s pictures last night, I got sucked into watching episodes 1-9 of “New Girl” and so yeah, it didn’t happen. It’s a really funny show guys!

So here we go.

Day 14/My little lollipop’s first birthday bash/my “cheat” day:

 My big girl! Just look at that face.

Okay. My husband took this picture. Is that considered cheating? I didn’t even think about it at the time. Well, I wasn’t really thinking about anything at the time except trying to make sure everyone had something to drink and making obligatory minute-and-a-half catch up sessions with all of the people who attended my daughter’s first birthday party that I hadn’t seen in.. oh, I don’t know.. 6 months? Anyway, the 3 hours of the party were a whirlwind and everyone really seemed to enjoy themselves (including me! I promise!) so I think I’ll consider it a success. Unfortunately, Eric (my husband) also didn’t have a lot of time to take very many pictures and THAT is why next year we are paying someone to take photos or are just going to have a much longer/smaller/quieter party. Yeah, I’m thinking we’re probably going to have to pay someone.

Day 15/Bath time is the best time:

Another one taken by Eric! GOD, what was my problem this weekend?!  The fact that Eric took this picture might also explain why half of my arm is in the shot. It’s a darn good thing my squashy bee is so cute you don’t notice it right away. So yeah, we spent the entire day house-hunting and I didn’t realize until 7pm (while giving Olive a bath) that I had forgotten my daily Lolly picture and so that is why my husband with dry hands took this picture. I will get it together, I promise.
Anyway, when Olive was an itty bitty we had to give her baths every night in order to make it through her “witching hour”. So for months one through four, that is what we did. At some point we realized she didn’t really need a bath every night anymore (OR we just got lazy) and baths became more of a special treat than an expected luxury. Her favorite thing now is to watch the bubbles pop and slither away between her fingers when she takes her hands out of the water. She also likes to eat them (the bubbles, not her fingers). She also likes to turn herself around and around in the tub and pull herself up to knock all of the bottles of shower products off the sides of the tub, in one fell swoop. Like I said, bath time is the best time.

Day 16/When she’s tired:

When she’s tired, she makes this face. 

Oh, and this picture I took. 😉

Days 12 & 13

13 Jan

Day 12/Fun at Nest with Cate:

Yesterday I took the girls to Nest, which is a really neat little play center for babies crawling-age and up where they can roam around and explore while you, the adult, can relax a little bit knowing that there’s nothing hazardous for them to choke on/stick their finger in/crack their head against. The girls had a blast going up the stairs of the “tree house”, trying to climb up the slide together and  pushing various little carts around. Lolly (Olive’s nickname, btw) took a particular liking to this cow guy and sat in front of him like this for a good 10 minutes just chattering away in one-sided conversation.
All in all, it was a nice way to spend the middle part of the day and to come home with two very sleepy baby girls. I’m sure we’ll be back there again soon. If you live in or around Philadelphia, it’s definitely worth checking out 🙂

Day 13/The original Pretty Miss:

I’ve been Ksena’s (left) nanny since before she was born (I started when it was just her older brother) and have spent the majority of her whole four years watching her grow up into a little lady. She calls herself Olive’s “big sister” and I have to say, she truly is the best big sister I could hope for my little one to have. Sweet as can be, she loves to play with her and make her laugh and is always so gracious and mature when Olive turns into a bothersome little person. The other day after picking Ksena up from school, I glanced in my rearview mirror to see that she and Olive were quietly holding hands. It was one of those moments that just puts a smile on your face for the rest of the day.
I truly hope with all my might that Olive is the kind of big sister to her someday-sibling that Ksena is to her.

Days 9, 10 & 11

11 Jan

Sorry things have been slightly more quiet around here than usual, I’ve spent 99% of my “free” time doing laundry (and leaving it folded on the couch, only to have to be re-folded once or twice more since a certain one year-old has a knack for pulling my piles down the split second she gets a chance) and making first birthday party decorations. We’re also beginning our adventures in house-hunting on Sunday, so that other 1% has been spent looking at pretty houses on the internets.

Anyway, hopefully after this weekend things will settle down and I’ll be able to update more freely. Falling this far behind on the 366 project is kind-of annoying  since it leaves me sifting through 332 pictures I took over the last 3 days at 11 o’clock at night. So yeah.

Without further adieu, the last three days..

Day 9/Hanging with her homies: 

I like to imagine that Olive freely thinks that all of her stuffed friends have congregated in the same area on their own accord, when in actuality it’s just where I put them when cleaning up (like I needed to tell you that, I know). I love how she picks each one up, says something to it in her squeaky, high-pitched babble, swings it around and tosses it aside only to repeat with each animals/doll until she’s given them all equal attention. Is it insane that I feel slightly bad for referring to her stuffed animals as “it”s? When I was a little girl I felt such tremendous guilt when choosing the stuffed animals that I wanted to keep in bed with me at night and having to leave the rest in the deep, dark toy box. Clearly, some part of me is still suspicious when it comes to toys having feelings too. Or maybe I’ve just seen Toy Story too many times.

Day 10/naked time

Two things she loves most: looking at pictures of herself and nudie-time.

Day 11/her fort:

Oh, you know..
Just hanging out in her fort.
Eating glitter off of a heart-shaped thing.
Wrapped in ruffled streamers.
All her own doing.