Days 17 through 21

21 Jan

You know, I say I’m going to quit my habit of updating once every three days and what do I do? I wait five days. FIVE DAYS! This unfortunately could not be helped as the entire Lee household spent a solid three days fighting various illnesses and spent the last two house-hunting sooo… the whole “getting it together” thing has not really happened just yet.

Day 17/Like a little bird:

Day 18/Happiest girl:

At least one person a day tells me what a happy baby mine seems to be.
And it’s true, she’s just about the happiest baby I’ve ever known and I am just so, so lucky that she’s mine 🙂

Day 19/Sleepy eyes:

Her eyes when she hasn’t quite woken up yet. 

Day 20/What an angel looks like:

I went to great lengths to get this picture.. but I got it!
This is what happens when I realize at 9 o’clock at night that I forgot to take a picture that day.

Day 21/Upside-down:

Olive, you have the very best Dadda in the world. 




4 Responses to “Days 17 through 21”

  1. Mummy Em 2012/01/21 at 11:40 pm #

    Gorgeous photos, what a sweetie. Don’t you love the little birdie mouth? 😛

    • kelleylee 2012/01/22 at 8:31 am #

      Thanks 🙂 It’s one of my favorite things, the birdie mouth. No matter if she’s eating food in a highchair (or wherever else) or nursing in the middle of the night with eyes closed, her mouth searching for food is the most adorable, heart-swelling thing to see

  2. Nicole 2012/01/21 at 11:59 pm #

    So many things to say:

    First, I love her name.

    I love the little bird photo, a perfect capture of what she was like at this stage, I wish I had taken a similar picture.

    And good job at saving the day with the sleeping pic! I have this on my list but my baby is the world’s worst sleeper, so I’m afraid to try it. She looks so sweet sleeping though.

    • kelleylee 2012/01/22 at 10:42 am #

      Thank you!

      The sleeping photo was very nearly a disaster since I (technically) woke her up twice. In trying to provide enough lighting so that my camera would cooperate with me, I put her nightlight in the crib with her and when I did this, her eyelids fluttered open for a second. Fortunately, with some shushing, she closed them right away before she could fully wake up but it was definitely a situation I hope to avoid revisiting again any time soon. 🙂

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