Days 29 through 32

1 Feb

Feeling a bit more optimistic today than I have in weeks.. I’ll tell you why soon, now’s just not the time!

Tomorrow Olive turns 13 months old. For some reason, to me, this sounds suddenly very old.

Perhaps it’s the “-teen” in that number, but I’m starting to notice her behaving less and less like a baby and more and more like a testy toddler every day. A prime example would be the outrageous tantrum she threw while we were driving this evening. Granted, we spent a lot of time driving around today and making a pit-stop to give her a break from the confines of her carseat and put some food in everyone’s bellies definitely did wonders and put an end to it, but the screaming.. I’ll just say it was somehow more dramatic than it’s ever been before and it became very obvious to me that we’re now starting to cross the threshold into some “terrible two” territory. So yeah, this ought to be fun.

On to le photos >>

Day 29/One of the few times you’ll ever see me in a photograph:

Not exactly the most flattering image of me.. but there’s no resisting the giant, naked Kewpie doll that I’m holding in my arms.

Day 30/Sharing:

I seriously can’t get enough of these two.

Day 31/Baby jail:

Day 032/A tie:

I couldn’t decide between these two, so you get them both!

See you tomorrow!


4 Responses to “Days 29 through 32”

  1. Stacey Harrison 2012/02/01 at 10:18 pm #

    what a lil cutey..nice pics…great to see a baby smiling like that!!

  2. Shannon 2012/02/02 at 12:04 pm #

    What a beautiful happy baby! Isn’t it funny how those taking pics don’t want to be in them.:)

  3. Nicole 2012/02/08 at 5:23 pm #

    She’s a doll and I think that’s a really nice photo of the two of you!

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