Days 53 & 54

23 Feb

Still updating from my phone. Hope to have my computer problems fixed by the weekend 🙂


Thinking about what you can get into next. Ive noticed this expression on your face a lot more often lately.


Unbelievably beautiful weather today. I took you and Cate to the park for a little while until school let out and the playground became flooded with older children.


Not dead.

22 Feb

For some god-forsaken reason, my computer has been refusing to connect to the Internet, despite my best attempts (which isn’t saying much) to make it do so. So,as much as it pains me to do (and it really does.. pain.. me..), I’ll be updating via my phone for the next few days.

Oh, and if you thought that was bad, I forgot my first picture after 40 some-odd days. And to be completely honest with you, I didn’t really care much at the time of realization either, since for the past week I’ve been up to my eyebrows in throw-up. Stomach bug? Check. Olive coughing so hard in the middle of the night (post-stomach bug) that she throws up? Check. Getting no more than approximately 2 hours of semi-restful sleep a night for the past week? Check!
So yeah, missing a photo didn’t phase me as much as it might’ve a few days prior.
So because I can’t access the Internet on my computer, I can’t really upload my photos from the past week either. So I’ll just share a couple that are in my phone so that this post isn’t a total waste.

Olive and Penny, our useless dog. She’s nice though!

Olive and Cate, homies for life.

Pants do-rag on her head. Who made us parents again?

Will try to make this a real update next time!

Days 42 through 45

14 Feb

I can barely remember this past weekend. It was all a blur of house inspecting and window shopping and running around (as usual) like monkeys.

Yesterday calmed a bit but still, the amount of emailing I do on a daily basis concerning house negotiations is insane and I’m longing for the end of this painstaking and arduous process.

Day 42/Play:



Day 43/Magical:

I’m sure there’s a bit of bias involved here, but I’m fairly certain that my child has the most gorgeous face I’ve ever seen.
This picture is 0% photoshopped, by the way. 

Day 44/Storytime:

You love when Dadda reads you stories. Even the mundane ones like Mother Goose’s rhymes without pictures.

Day 45/Valentines Day:

When your mom’s a goof and your dad’s a goof, it’s only natural that you’re going to be pretty goofy too.
My funny valentine, I do love your goofy little face so much.

Days 37 through 41

10 Feb

My, my, how the week did fly. *Rolling eyes at myself*

Although I’m sure at some point I muttered to myself about how the week was dragging on, in all actuality it flew by at lightning speed. Not totally sure if I’ve mentioned it yet, but we just bought a house! And so the past couple of weeks have been jam-packed with all of the exciting (and some not-so-exciting) things that you have to do when you buy a house. So anyway, we’ve been busy. But not so busy that I’ve forgotten to take any pictures, so that’s good.

Day 37/Her throne:

Our scanner, which normally resides in our basement dungeon for lack of space, was brought up to print out and scan some legal house documents. Olive, of course, took the liberty of testing all of the buttons and pulling out various lids/trays/etc. In the end, she decided it was best suited for her tush and sat right there for an entire episode of Yo Gabba Gabba.

Day 38/Perfect as pie:

How I ended up with such a gorgeous baby, I have no idea.

Day 39/Stuck:

Not much else to say.

Day 40/Queen of Life:

If you’ve never worn a cereal box hat, you don’t know what you’re missing.

Day 41/Tickle:

Like her mama, Olive’s feet are her most ticklish spot and what gets her most is when Dadda rubs his stubble beard all over the bottoms.

House inspection tomorrow AM! Wish us good luck!


Days 35 & 36

5 Feb

Day 35/In the middle of the night:

After a night out celebrating my father-in-law’s 60th birthday, we all passed out in our party clothes. Only I was later awoken from my slumber in a state of panic, somehow realizing in my sleep that I had not taken a picture for the day. I shuffled downstairs in the dark to retrieve my camera and with the help of a trusty nightlight was able to take this so-so photograph. 

I feel they look most alike when they’re sleeping.

Day 36/Nursing at night:

This is the latest of my many failed attempts to get a decent shot of her nursing. 

Days 33 & 34

3 Feb

Day 33/Peekaboo:

She will never tire of this game and I will never tire of that face.


Day 34/Fearless:

Not the greatest photo because as you might be able to tell, I was simultaneously holding the hose to the vacuum cleaner and the camera at the same time. And as you might be able to tell, my daughter is having the time of her life playing with the enormous, crazy-loud (seemingly scary?) machine. I’m not even kidding when I say that trying to dodge her while I was vacuuming the floors made the task almost impossible because she kept trying to climb on top of it. This one’s a character.

Days 29 through 32

1 Feb

Feeling a bit more optimistic today than I have in weeks.. I’ll tell you why soon, now’s just not the time!

Tomorrow Olive turns 13 months old. For some reason, to me, this sounds suddenly very old.

Perhaps it’s the “-teen” in that number, but I’m starting to notice her behaving less and less like a baby and more and more like a testy toddler every day. A prime example would be the outrageous tantrum she threw while we were driving this evening. Granted, we spent a lot of time driving around today and making a pit-stop to give her a break from the confines of her carseat and put some food in everyone’s bellies definitely did wonders and put an end to it, but the screaming.. I’ll just say it was somehow more dramatic than it’s ever been before and it became very obvious to me that we’re now starting to cross the threshold into some “terrible two” territory. So yeah, this ought to be fun.

On to le photos >>

Day 29/One of the few times you’ll ever see me in a photograph:

Not exactly the most flattering image of me.. but there’s no resisting the giant, naked Kewpie doll that I’m holding in my arms.

Day 30/Sharing:

I seriously can’t get enough of these two.

Day 31/Baby jail:

Day 032/A tie:

I couldn’t decide between these two, so you get them both!

See you tomorrow!